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Megan's Glee Masterlist!

*Updated January 3rd, 2012*

Links go in chronological order, with the newest at the top.

You can also find some drabbles and unsorted fics here at my tumblr.


I Was Made To Keep Your Body Warm : PG-13 : ~1480 : Through 3x05 : Dec 30, 2011
Warning: None
Written for the KB Holidays Exchange.It’s nice, Kurt thinks, as he wraps his body around Blaine, chest pressed to Blaine’s back. Intimate in a way he’d never considered before. If he believes in anything outside of himself, it’s the fan of Blaine’s eyelashes against his cheek and the way he breathes in a slightly stuffy way, like he’ll break out into whuffling snores at any second.

Baby Boy, You Stay On My Mind : NC-17 : ~3900 : No Spoilers : Nov 10, 2011
Innocence Kink, Daddy Kink, Bunnyboy!Kurt
Fill for this promptBlaine just barely manages to hold in a pleasured groan at the sight of Kurt methodically pulling one of his long, brown ears through his hands. He swallows it down, continues with the script. “Do you want to stay with Daddy tonight? I can protect you from the storm.”

The Rhythm Of This Trembling Heart : NC-17 : ~3000 : Through 3x04 : Oct 30, 2011
: Vampires, Bloodplay
"Halloween parties are just so silly,” Kurt says emphatically, throwing his hands up in the air. “Why would I go to a Halloween party when my entire life is one giant Monster Mash?” A bit of fang slips over his lip, but he quickly retracts it.

I Feel You On My Fingertips : NC-17 : ~1500 : Through 3x05 : Oct 25, 2011
Warning: None
Part of the beyond_dapper Mini Hiatus. Kurt can’t stop thinking about what Blaine’s face looks like when he comes.

Everything Changes Part I, Part II, Part III : R : ^8900 : No Spoilers : Oct 23, 2011
Warning: Violence, Minor Character Death
Torchwood!AU. To the citizens of Columbus, Ohio, the office park between King and 5th Avenue is home to the Battelle Memorial Institute. To everyone who knows better, it’s Torchwood.

Today Was Just Like Every Other Day : NC-17 : ~6200 : No Spoilers : Aug 13, 2011
Warning: Aliens Made Them Do It, Fuck Or Die, Voyeurism
Doctor Who! AU. Perhaps as a tactile being himself, Blaine thought about sex rather objectively, though he didn’t often show signs of rampant sexuality. In fact, up until the fiasco involving sex pollen and a tailor on Gamma-Alpha Prime, Kurt had believed Blaine was asexual. But here he was, seemingly ready to get it on, and that was probably the most disconcerting part.

Phallic Problems : R : ~1900 : Through 2x22 : Jul 10, 2011
Warning: Suggestive themes
Summer was always Kurt’s least favorite season. He hated the sun, and the lack of layers, and the humidity ruining his hair. Most of all, though, he hated his boyfriend’s subconscious avoidance of all summer foods that vaguely resembled a penis.

I Feel Free Enough Part I, Part II : NC-17 : ~2300 : None : Jun 25, 2011
Warning: Mentions of prostitution
Strip Club!AU. There are so many layers of false personae stacked on top of each other now that he doesn’t remember who he is anymore when he’s here, corset cinched tight and black briefs riding low on his hips. It’s why he keeps his work life and private life entirely separate. IIt’s why he’s Kurt Hummel to his friends, but Porcelain to anyone who asks.

I Thought Myself His Keeper : NC-17 : ~5600 : None : Jun 21, 2011
Warning: Wing!fic, Dub-con, Slavery of humanoid creatures
In a modern AU where demi-humans are sold as slaves to the highest bidder, Kurt Hummel takes in Blaine as a Companion-- even though he looks like Marlon Brando, when the latest fad is Leonardo DiCaprio.

Soft Hallelujah : R : ~2100 : Through 2x22 : Jun 06, 2011
Warning: Non-Graphic Sex ; Written for the Blaine Exchange at beyond_dapper  
This relationship is his everything right now. It's teenage and cliche, and he knows it. There is more to life than Kurt -- touching Kurt, grabbing his hips tight as Kurt's fingertips skim along the waistband of Blaine's boxer briefs -- but right now Blaine's entire existence hinges on the boy in his bed.

This Ever-Spinning Playground : NC-17 : ~4800 : Through 2x18 : May 05, 2011
Warning: Bondage (straight-jacket), rimming, blowjobs
Kurt has never seen Blaine with this look in his eyes before. It’s feral, bordering on the primeval, and it’s all because the two sleeves to Kurt’s straight-jacket are uncuffed and dangling off the ends of his fingertips

Stories Like This Can't Come True : PG : ~7800 : No Spoilers : Apr 09, 2011
Warning: wing!fic, pre-Klaine, harsh language
Co-written with rrrowr  . Joining the Warblers has been the best decision Blaine has ever made, but accepting himself as part of the team? That's going to take a little more work.

Black Silk Ties : NC-17 : ~1170 : Through 2x16 : Mar. 28, 2011
Warning: Rimming, blowjobs, light bondage
Kurt likes all of Blaine’s looks, but he loves the look of Blaine’s wrists secured snugly against the headboard.

Cats and Dogs : R : ~4100 : Through 2x10 : Feb. 06, 2011
Warning: anger!sex, blink-and-you'll-miss-it dub!con ; Written for the Kiss Kiss Exchange at kurt_blaine  
Future!fic. Blaine finally makes the cohabitation decision after a particularly awful week where he doesn’t get a chance to see Kurt for five whole days. He knows that he and Kurt are ready to take this step--hell, they were probably ready years ago--but he’s seen enough bad breakups in his own family to allow for a bit of apprehension. 

Total Eclipse of the Heart : PG : ~1400 : Through 2x10 : Dec. 22, 2010
Warning: None
The night sky was absolutely beautiful, under the pale moonlight and the sparkling stars.

War Against The Mirror : PG-13 : ~730 : Through 2x10 : Dec. 11, 2010
Warning: Body Dysmorphia, Angst
Fill for this prompt. That was the first night Kurt cried himself to sleep over Blaine.

Warm Inside : PG : ~690 : Through 2x10 : Dec 08, 2010
Warning: None
What Kurt needs, Blaine decides, is a friend. Strictly, a friend. A friend who stares longingly while he sings, and spins stories of made-up performances at Kings Island just to hear his voice again (and perhaps flirt a little, if he’s feeling up to it), and thinks about him constantly, and- 


This Opportunity Comes Once In A Lifetime : light R : ~900 : May 26, 2011
Warning: Frank talk of sex
“I want you to fuck me first, though,” Chris says calmly, as though it’s nothing out of the ordinary. “It’s my birthday, so you have to,” he adds when the elevator opens on their floor. Chris is a hundred feet in front of Darren before the other boy jogs to catch up with him, face flushed and looking flustered.

Spill Out Your Enzymes : NC-17 : ~2000 : No Spoilers : Apr. 18, 2011
Warning: Mild sweaty/dirtyboy!kink
Chris listens to Darren ramble about his brother’s band for about zero point five seconds before he shoves Darren into an alcove created by discarded technical equipment. Darren manages to only get out a breathy “Wha?” before Chris slams Darren’s hips back into an amp and collides their mouths together, hot and rough and so, so good as Darren groans brokenly into the kiss.

The Morning After : PG-13 : ~615 : Through 2x17 : Mar. 16, 2011
Warning: None
"Have you seen the internet this morning, Chris? I'm pretty sure we broke Twitter."

Eagle-Eye View : PG-13 : ~215 : Through 2x17 : Mar. 11, 2011
Warning: None
While all of the cameras are focused on Rachel Berry’s latest diva drama on stage, Chris is straddling Darren’s lap in the uncomfortable auditorium seats.

Don't Judge A Book : R : ~750 : None : Feb. 10, 2011
Warning: Blowjobs
Chris knows he shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but Darren probably wants him to bottom. Just like the others.


And Then I'll Win : PG-13 : ~2900 : Through 3x05 : Nov 27, 2011
Warning: None
Thad/Sebastian, one-sided Thad/Blaine.  Thad promised himself that he wouldn’t compare all new prospects to Blaine. Blaine was just as replaceable as the rest of the group. Except, to Thad, he wasn’t.

Talking In Your Sleep : NC-17 : ~2100 : Through 2x22 : Sept 5, 2011
Warning: Theesome, Somnophilia, Pegging, Voyeurism, Facefucking
Kurt/Blaine/Santana. Santana has done many things in her life since becoming sexually active oh so many years ago, but this is certainly going to be a new experience. She shifts her weight from one heeled foot to the other at the end of Blaine and Kurt’s bed, looking down at the sleeping man-child clutching the covers in his fists. Blaine snuffles in his sleep, and Kurt bites back a groan. Wanky.

Thanks For Making Me A Fighter, Part I, Part II, Part III : PG-13 : ~1345 : None : Jul 25, 2011
Warning: Homophobia
AU where Blaine is one of Rachel Berry's fathers. Blaine Anderson-Berry had to deal with bullying and homophobia growing up, but things are different now than they were in the 1980’s. Surely Kurt’s situation isn’t nearly as bad as his was.

Love's What You Hate : NC-17 : ~4000 : None : Jun. 3, 2011
Warning: Threesome, Twincest
Handerson Fourgy (Kurt/Blaine/Cameron) ; Written for the  Porn Corner's Theme of the Week
Just like old times, Cameron thinks wryly as he bobs his head and resumes the motion of his hand. He half expects to feel the firm weight of Everett's hands on his hips before he realizes that's not going to happen this time. Not ever again.

I Could Be Wholesome, I Could Be Loathsome : PG-13 : ~4300 : Through 2x20 : May 24, 2011
 Language, Homophobia ; Written for the Blaine Exchange at beyond_dapper  
Blaine + Karofsky hurt/comfort, background Kurt/Blaine
Sure, Blaine has seen stories on the nightly news about kids who are kicked out of their homes because of their sexuality, and he checks in with several activist blogs online every day to keep up with what's happening in the gay community, but something like this has never been so tangible before. So close to him.


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